Content Creator Acquisition


Doerz is a marketplace for experiences where anyone can share their passion for a hobby or skill and make money while doing what they love. No need for a firm, association or other legal entities, passion is enough. Doerz is the place to find unique experiences in your own city and do interesting stuff with other locals.

We’re an early stage startup based in Turku Finland. We’re piloting our service in Finland and now looking for 3-5 people from Helsinki region to bring in the content for our marketplace. You might be a student or you otherwise wish to work very flexible times and part-time.

Your task is to grow the content with us. You’ll be finding and contacting the experience creators, the Doerz, and telling them about the possibility to earn money while doing what they love and share their skills and hobbies with others.

The salary is purely result based with two steps: first half comes when a new experience provider creates a listing on Doerz, second half when the first customer buys the experience. We’ll agree about the requirements of experience providers and the listings together.

You’ll be using the company CRM and email. You need your own phone and other devices. English or Finnish skills required, no need for both, one’s enough.

Call us and let’s talk more: Tomi: +358 40 5649 450, founder of Doerz


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