Doerz looking for a TECH LEAD

First look us up. If you feel that this is something you are passionate about, give us a call, come and visit or send a message, whatever works best. We believe it’s going to be the next big thing and we need you to share that vision.

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We are a team of two business professionals. Strong in marketing, sales, biz dev, making things happen and building communities. We left the corporate world for this thing. We’ve been proving the business and thus outsourcing the tech for the first year of our existence. Now we know, it’s time to strengthen the team with a tech lead / co-founder.

We will build the new one from scratch, with some help and based on our learnings, so we expect you to like creating something new. It’s going to be web first and app perhaps later. We want it to be learning, predicting and s**t loads of other things too. But hey, we also know that many parts of this can be bought, although it must be managed by someone in-house.

We deliver 100 best things to do in your home town. With locals, for locals, tourists and groups. Real authentic experiences by the most skilled, most passionate people in your city. It’s sharing economy and it’s having people sharing the experiences together.

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We are based in Turku Finland, and we need you to be here too. At least in the beginning. We are very much international mindset and looking to scale asap. No need for Finnish skills, the company language is English. We need the skills and the attitude. There will be a salary, which is probably not going to match what you would deserve. We have the same. There will be equity too which we feel is the most valuable thing, it remains to be seen. Good news is it’s up to us to make it count.

If this feels like this is a challenge you’d be up for, let us know. We’re not in hurry with this but we do make quick decisions when we realize that it’s YOU who we were looking for.

Tomi, CEO / founder: +358405649450,, skype: tomimvirtanen

Aliia, Sales and Marketing Lead / co-founder: +35845 625 6808,

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