Like a local – weekend in Tallinn


Experience Tallinn with Doerz professional photographer
Tallinn with local photographer.

Weekend is coming and Tallinn is the perfect getaway destination! 

Even after visiting the city many times you can find always something new in this exciting city full of history, stories and fun things to do. City is also suitable for budget travellers, Tallinn has been named as Lonely Planet’s Best Value Destination of 2018. There are many affordable, yet high quality restaurants. Locals are the best guides to find the secret spots of course. Doerz expansion to Tallinn started from our own wish to experience new sides of this charming city while traveling there. Now it has become a Doerz city, we have our first experiences listed in Tallinn!

Are you are looking for adrenaline rush, local life stories, crafting or secondhand shopping? Here are my tips to explore the city:

Tallinn cafe tourOn a holiday you need to treat yourself with sweets, and get good quality coffee to get you going. Explore Tallinn’s coziest cafés with Carmen and enjoy the dreamiest cakes together during two hours. Perfect start for you weekend.

How about  spending a creative DIY Saturday afternoon with Anna? She is a young designer, blogger, teacher and writer, who has published three books about DIY and interior design. She mainly uses recycled materials. For inspiration you can check Anna’s blog.

If you’d love to do shopping instead, Anna is also a thrift shop pro –  she can introduce Tallinn’s greatest flea markets to you. In 3 hours you can concentrate on thrift stores that specialize in fashion, home, furniture, or all of them!


Anna can also take you to visit rural Estonian school 25 kilometres from Tallinn. There you can experience the real everyday life of Estonian kids and participate to their classes. This experience is not for weekends though.

Tallinn Old TownWhat could be a better way to spend Sunday afternoon than have a long walk in historical surroundings with local who knows her country. Do you want to know what it is like to live in Estonia? See the medieval city and learn about today’s Estonia with Kadrin. This Tallinn Old Town tour will give you a broader understanding of how Estonians live and think. While seeing all of the most important sights, you can talk with a local about how Estonians were able to get through the period of Soviet occupation and recreated their country in the 1990s.

Do you find the sense of the past fascinating? Lantern hike is nontraditional guided tour through history of Tallinn. It is held in the evenings with 19th century style oil lamps. If you are keen on seeing lanternhike-tallinnoutside tourist sites, to learn about history of Tallinn and visit abandoned suites, about which even locals don’t know so well or wouldn’t tear to enter on their own, then its an experience for you. According to selected route, you will visit either to old madhouse, abandoned soviet military base, underground tunnels of Russian Empire or slum areas with criminal history.

Are you tired of taking just travel selfies together with you loved-one? Take a walking trip and photo session in Tallinn Old Town with Ernest. During one hour he will lead you through the most interesting and beautiful locations of the city to make the best pictures when visiting Tallinn.

tallinn-lada.jpgLooking for some action instead of walking around the city? Become a real rally pilot, try out Lada rally at LaitseRallyPark! This experience is filled with adrenaline and so much fun. In 30 minutes you can do 2 lapses. Racing is possible in any weather conditions all year round. This is must do for guys visiting the city with group of friends! You can also select BMW race if you have raced with Ladas enough already.

Getting hungry after all the activities? Tallinn burger experience In 1.5 hours you will learn with one of the best island cuisine chefs in Estonia, using local, organic and handmade meat patties for their famous burger. You will be guided through seasoning, matching tastes and grilling, to ensure the most mouth-watering experience. After picturing this perfect burger you must be hungry…


Check out what the local Doers are offering in Tallinn and start planning your next trip. Have a happy weekend dreaming about Tallinn, or exploring the city if you are so lucky to be already there!

Written by Heini – heading experiences at Doerz. She loves to explore new cities, but also to return to her favourite ones. Tallinn she has visited many times…


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