Workdays filled with experiences – this week in Tallinn


Head of Experiences is such a cool title – but what does it mean in practice? Take a peek at my recent trip to Tallinn!

My week has been all about Tallinn. I was lucky to spend the beginning of the week there and enjoy the spring vibe of the city. Today I was speaking in seminar in Turku about our Tallinn experiences. We launched Tallinn as a Doerz city about a month ago. Most of us Finns visit the city quite often, but how well do we actually know it? With Doerz concept even we can find something new, a local twist for our trip.

Based on my social media pages some might think that I was on holiday this week, but I was actually working for long days. This time it just happened to be lot of fun and without any negative surprises. Testing local experiences is an important part of my work. I want to make sure they are good quality, pricing is correct and the experience is authentic. In Tallinn my expectations exceeded! Our Tallinn Ambassador Jerena has made an excellent job with our content there.

Cafe tour Tallinn Doerz
Cafe tour with Carmen

Coffee and cake, perfect start for my two days in Tallinn! We had the most amazing pavlova at Pavlova Cafe. Carmen, our local doer, took us to couple of her favourite cafes in addition to this place, but let’s keep them as a secret still. I did visit one of them next morning again for a perfect cappuccino, I know where to have my coffee in Tallinn now!

Lantern Hike Doerz
Lantern Hike in Kopli

In the evening I went to Kopli for a hike. Lantern hike in the last ghetto of Tallinn was amazing! It’s spring time already and the day is long so we needed to start quite late, at 8.30 pm to enjoy the darkness. I have always been interested in history and Mihkel guiding his group of lantern hikers is an awesome storyteller! Some of his stories were 100 years old, others only 10. Many of them are from the Soviet times. Normally I’m not a fan of group activities while I’m traveling, but this is something totally different! Doing this by yourself might be dangerous too… Now the biggest risk I guess was stepping on dump. Luckily you have your lantern so you can see where you step. Your shoes will get dirty, and wet!

My job is not only about having fun, though often it is. During my trip I had some (morning) meetings as well, even in a normal office space. In addition to testing experiences and talking with press, I also found a new experience provider for us. More about that later!

Meeting interesting people, getting new ideas and finding new business opportunities keeps me motivated and ambitiously going forward. I don’t need to separate my career and personal life, when I’m passionate about what I do there is no need to do that!

I can’t wait for my next trip to meet our doers! I’ll reveal you the destination and share the local Doerz stuff in couple of weeks!

head of experiences Doerz
Written by Heini heading experiences and opening new markets at Doerz.






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