Doerz arrive en France!

Doerz arrive.pngPlanning to visit Alsace or Lyon this summer? We have great news, Doerz is now there! You can find the first experiences from already, more coming!

Our France Ambassador Annika Bourgogne lives in Alsace and knows the region well. Alsace has a very interesting past – it changed nationality 5 times in 75 years! This has resulted in a unique local culture which – along with amazing scenery and delicious food and drink – makes it a great place to visit.

The history of Lyon goes back to Astérix: it was founded by Romans and the capital of Gaul. Today the number 2 city of France in many ways, it remains the gastronomical capital of France says Annika.

Things to do in Alsace:

Cycle through the beautiful scenery and enjoy the fresh air of the countryside in your lungs.

Picnic in Strasbourg with Fanny
Picnic in Strasbourg with Fanny

Have a picnic with a French lady, you can practice your French while enjoying a delicious picnic the way the locals do.

Have a city walk and hear five stories from Strasbourg that will help you to understand how the city has developed from a medieval free city into the symbol of European unity. Or do a tour to visit instagrammable spots of Strasbourg, the famous ones and the hidden ones!

Visit a traditional brewery! You will hear all about the technics and procedures that are used and have an opportunity to go behind the scenes, and taste the artisanal beers of course.

Things to do in Lyon:

Walk to the heart of Lyon’s history. This is where everything started almost 2000 years ago. Experience an authentic medieval atmosphere and admire beautiful architecture while adventuring in the numerous secret corridors called “Traboules” which can take you through entire buildings.

Instatour in Lyon with Liisa
Instatour with Liisa

You can also discover the evolution of silk made in Lyon. Or find the best spots to take photos!







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Heini, heading experiences and opening new markets at Doerz.


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