Local experiences in Lyon

Food, history and art – my three reasons to visit Lyon. Beautiful city with real French vibe – without too many tourists.

Market visit Lyon

The most delicious way to start your day in the gastronomical capital of France is definitely a visit to morning market! After starting the day with a cup of coffee we visited market at charming neighbourhood of Roux-Crousse with Christina. Beautiful surroundings, like visiting a village attached to the city. And the food…!! I wish I had a kitchen here. Next time I need to stay in AirBnB instead of hotel. During such a nice weather I could collect perfect picnic basket for lunch or late breakfast from the market.

In Lyon you don’t have to visit galleries or museums to enjoy paintings. Street art in the city is amazing. Liisa took us to see wall paintings. These look so realistic that it is hard to tell which window is real. Liisa also knows where to find the most instagrammable city views of Lyon, so we took a lot of pictures…

Lyon wall paintings

Another perfect way to start morning in Lyon is stairs challenge! You’ll see the idyllic old town waking up in the fresh morning air. After 1000 stairs you will find a perfect views of the city. Treat yourself with a nice breakfast afterwards!

Stairs challenge Lyon

History of Lyon goes back to Astérix. The city is full of beautiful secrets, like the traboules.  I wouldn’t have dared to open the doors to these rustic, secret corridors in old town myself.

Learning to paint or draw in a city with so many beautiful details is an excellent idea. Morris is a great teacher!  I’m definitely going to use his advices in the future and start to practice my sketching skills.

Atmosphere in Lyon is perfect for the Doerz way of traveling, being a temporary local instead of tourist. With my new local friends I could experience a lot during two days, but to experience the city as a temporary local it’s better to stay longer… I’m planning to come back soon, take my family with me and stay in an apartment where I can cook!

Written by

Heini, heading experiences and opening new markets at Doerz.

Find more things to do in Lyon: www.doerz.com/lyon

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