Weekend in Amsterdam

I love to get lost in a new city. Explore, just walk around without a destination. Enjoy the urban atmosphere, eat well and drink good coffee, beer and wine.

Explore Amsterdam

Amsterdam is not a new city to me, it is a city where I keep coming back. It still is a perfect city to just wander around. I can get easily lost there, in those beautiful little streets by the canals. It’s so relaxing to have a nice cup of coffee after a long walk and just enjoy the beautiful surroundings. 

In addition to just walking around the charming streets, I reveal here my three favourite things to do in Amsterdam during summer.


Discover the beauty of the city on a canal cruise

This is definitely a must do in Amsterdam. The best experience is with a small boat, like this classy cruise with Pure Boats that I did during my last visit. We had a small group of travellers enjoying the views, wine and local snacks during this two-hour boutique cruise. Boat is electric, so you don’t have any noise. You can have a discussion and hear the sound of the water. Perfect evening!


Amsterdam canal cruise with Pure Boats

Saturday evening in Amsterdam by bike

For the real local Amsterdam experience it is a good idea to hop on a bike and explore the neighbourhoods. It will be easier to navigate the streets with a local. They also know the best restaurants and bars in town. My local friend took me to dinner in Joordan and afterwards we had local craft beer in Oud-West.  Brouwerij Troost has brewpubs in many locations, we visited the one in Oud-West. There is also a kitchen, so you can have a local snack, bitterballen, with your beer. Proost!



Beach escape

When it gets hot, the beach is always a good idea. From Amsterdam it is easy to reach the beach by train, take the Sprinter from Amsterdam Centraal to Zandvoort. I went little bit further this time, I took the train to The Hague and a tram to the beach from there.

Beach is still empty in June in The Hague

In June there is still plenty of room at the beach to have a walk or just relax by the sea. There are many restaurants, so you can find lunch or dinner there as well.

Amsterdam is a perfect weekend getaway destination. Amsterdam is always a good idea! 

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