Bologna: 5 best experiences with locals

by Piegluigi Dato

Watch out!!! Doerz lands in Bologna!!! The Finnish startup born to promote a local-travelling approach to your holidays arrives in Italy.

The choice fell to Bologna, one of the greatest cities in the North of the Italian Peninsula. Starting to create a cooperation between locals and tourist and aiming to avoid mass tourism around our amazing cities, Doerz proposes tours with locals in order to establish a deep cultural exchange and to create a close relationship between travelling actors.


Five tips to be on the top of your holiday!!!

Our new spot in Bologna offers things to do in five languages: Italian, French, English, Spanish and Chinese. Great start, someone could say, but… the best is yet to come: our tours will widen many horizons: from a bike tour with Pier to a nature trekking with Francesco, passing through a cultural walking into the deepest historical centre.

Jorge is revealing the secrets of the oldest University in Europe (established in 1088), and Eugenia helps you discover the hidden treasures around the smallest streets, 7 secrets of Bologna.

The fifth? Not a surprise for the strongest minded travellers! Linda e Virginia in fact will give you the opportunity to visit the local food markets, preparing for you later an authentic Italian dinner in their house letting you taste flavors and Italian traditions.


What are you waiting for?


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