Magical Lapland

The pure beauty of the nature amazes me every-time when visiting Northern parts of my home country. Nature and skiing are the reasons that make me return to Lapland every year…

My top 3 things to do in Lapland

1. Explore the wonders of Nature

The nature of Lapland is unique. It changes with the seasons. Autumn brings all the beautiful colours and winter wonderland is full of white snow. My personal favourites to explore the natural beauty of Lapland are Kilpisjärvi and Pallas regions. Breathe in the fresh air – maybe the purest air in the whole world- and enjoy the views!

Late Autumn afternoon – Finland’s Northern “arm”

From September to March is the best season to see the northern lights. The easiest way to go aurora hunting is to do it with a local like Matti. You need to go further away from the village lights for the best aurora experience. It is magical, I can tell you!

2. Skiing

Alpine skiing and cross-country skiing are both my favourite winter-sports. There are nice slopes in Lapland, longest ones are over 3 kilometres.  I prefer to avoid peak seasons to be able to enjoy the nature more and spend less time waiting for the ski lifts. Spring is maybe the best season for alpine skiing in Lapland, the day is long and it is not that cold anymore.

During Christmas time there are many visitors in Lapland, but since it is often so cold, at least the slopes in Ylläs were not overcrowded last year. With right clothes and enough layers skiing in cold (and dark) winter day can be a fun experience. Ylläs is one of my favourites, there are good long red slopes with amazing views. And a gondola will take you up. There are easy slopes for beginners in all ski resorts and you can rent equipment. 

Skiing in December - Ylläs
Skiing in December – Ylläs

Cross-country skiing is a great way to explore the quiet forests and hills of Lapland. I love the feeling when the loudest sound is your own breathing. There are no cars nearby. Skiing in forest is truly a mindful experience.


Even though it seems like you are in the middle of nowhere, you don’t necessarily need to have even your own snacks with you. There are lovely cafes on the way. The atmosphere at Velhon Kota, close to Äkäslompolo, is amazing. You can’t drive here, only skiing or hiking is possible. Hot cup of coffee with a creamy bun tastes so good after skiing in -25C degrees. It’s nice to have a warm break by the fireplace. 

3. Get cozy

After long day outdoors it’s an amazing feeling to come back to your cozy cottage, have a sauna and just relax. Do nothing. Just enjoy the moment by the fireplace next to your loved one. The stars and the frozen world outside behind your window… 

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