3 stories from Chinese exchange students: “New way of travelling and how Doerz is approaching it”

Blog post by Yevette, Franklin and Vanora, three Chinese students in Finland


1. Yevette: An exchange student meet Doerz one day

About me

Hi, I’m Yevette, an exchange student from China, I’m learning in TUAS now. One month ago, my teacher gave us an assignment: to find a company in Finland and contact with them to have a company visit. I searched information online about Finnish company, at last,I was targeting the Doerz Company. Because I’m interested in travelling originally, and I knew about the Doerz’s feature: helping travellers find real-life experiences with locals. They also help locals share their passion for their cities and hobbies. I think It’s fun. So, we decided to visit Doerz.

Start from Doerz

On Wednesday afternoon, we came to the company. At first we were hesitant for fear that the company would reject us, but unexpectedly, Tomi was very enthusiastic and was willing to let us have a company visit when he heard our intentions.Then we made an appointment.

Company visit process

When I was in company visit, I found that Tomi had prepared this time carefully. We also learn more about Doerz. We know that the hidden heroes of Doerz – who provide real local experience – are the core of the Doerz community. Doerz is a platform and mobile application. It sets up a bridge between travelers and locals. We learned the way of payment for Doerz, how to book experience and understand the founding story of Doerz

My feeling

It’s a pleasant experience. We’ve learned a lot from Doerz about our profession and tourism. I hope you’ll pay more attention to Doerz. If you like passion, travel, travel with Finnish people, share economy and urban culture, share hobbies, skills and interests with them Cities, do things together. Then come to Doerz!



Photo from the company visit

2. Franklin’s feeling about Doerz

For most Chinese, travel is what they crave.

As of 2016, China’s population reached 1.338 billion. Since the beginning of the 21st century, tourism has gradually become a necessity for people’s lives. According to the survey, nearly 6 million people travel to Europe every year, with a total consumption of nearly 150 billion. In addition, there are many Chinese students like us in Europe .For the current global form of travel, the travel methods of signing up for travel agencies are no longer loved by young people. They are more eager to travel freely. The more in-depth understanding of a city, the better for them. Therefore, Doerz’s service methods will be very popular in the future. There is a Chinese service interface on Doerz’s official website, which is an unexpected surprise for Chinese consumers. And in the future, Chinese consumers who prefer to travel freely will choose Doerz to play and visit with locals. In China, people only need to search for Doerz online to get cooperation or contact with the company, which is very convenient. This also provides a cooperative approach for many travel companies in China.

For most Chinese, it is a traditional way of life.

Take a tour example.First, some Chinese tourists feel that there are many dangers for traveling abroad. If there are some emergencies, they will be at a loss. Second, some Chinese tourists do not explore the history of a city or building and the stories that have occurred, so tourists have visited many attractions, but they do not understand. Third, many Chinese tourists go out to travel to relax. If you are free, you need to do a lot of preparation work in advance, which is much more troublesome than signing up for a tour group. However, there has been a trend in recent years, and more and more people are choosing to travel freely. A large number of white-collar workers with good foreign language skills have become the main force of free travel. Especially in Asia, as China’s influence grows, more and more countries, businesses and service industries can provide Chinese services. It has attracted more and more Chinese people to travel freely. Even people with insufficient foreign language ability and physical strength are increasingly dissatisfied with group tours, and gradually turn to semi-self-help tours or private custom small groups. Of course, due to the imbalance of regional development in China and the advantages of the group tour itself, the group tour is still an important form of Chinese outbound travel for a long time in the future.

But for Europeans, backpackers make them synonymous with travel.

They are more inclined to travel freely, and the time and place are arranged by themselves. They have neither language barriers nor worry, just experience the pleasure of traveling.

Screen Shot 2018-10-24 at 22.04.50.png

Doerz website zh.doerz.com

3. Vanora’s feeling about Doerz

The teacher sent our group to visit a company.

But we didn’t make any progress for three weeks until we saw Doerz under the office building and knocked on the glass door of the company.We explained the situation and Tomi, the founder of the company, enthusiastically agreed and made an appointment with us.

About Doerz

We and more than a dozen students came to the company downstairs open to introduce us. The company is a travel agency that has just been established for two years. Customers book DOERZ online and then contact a local family or person according to the customer’s request. Local people will tell you what to do, how to do it, and even give you a lot of traffic information, which is very convenient for your journey. Locals are like guides who can take you to places they think are really worth visiting rather than a casual tour. Then you may be invited home to eat local food or even participate in their cooking process to feel the atmosphere. There are now people available in 11 cities across Europe. The company is trying to expand into other cities. And the company is recruiting employees, anyone who wants to come, their working hours can even be their own decision. The company does not have any marketing means, only by oral communication. So this is very suitable for the Chinese, Chinese always like to use WeChat to send their own state.

It’s nice to have such an experience to get to know a company and we will recommend Doerz to our friends.







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